Nikol Pashinyan explains the reason why Armenians did not stay in Garabagh


"The former self-proclaimed separatist regime in Garabagh refused dialogue, despite having the opportunity to engage in dialogue with official Baku," said Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia during his speech at the Parliament, Paralel.Az reports citing Armenian media.

According to him, there was an opportunity on European platforms to start a conversation with Azerbaijan, but the separatists did not go for it because there was a ban: "And I didn't forbid it. I couldn't and wouldn't".

N. Pashinyan did not explain who exactly prohibited Khankandi from engaging in dialogue with Baku. Pashinyan also noted that the separatists in Garabagh could not adequately respond to the situation.

"In Garabagh, there are no Armenians left because none of us accepted a simple reality, that is, that the Armenian population of Garabagh has the right to self-determination within Azerbaijan," added Armenian PM.