Azerbaijan prohibits cousin marriage


The cases that prevent marriage in Azerbaijan are being increased, this was reflected in the proposed amendment to the Family Code, which was discussed at today's meeting of the Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani Parliament), Paralel.Az reports.

Among the cases that prevent marriage in Azerbaijan are children of brothers and (or) sisters who share a common biological grandfather and (or) grandmother, cousins – daughters of uncle and brother (sister) who are biologically related, as well as sons of aunt and brother (sister) is included,

It was noted that like a part of the world population, the risk of genetic diseases in children born as a result of marriages between blood relatives in Azerbaijan is very high.

To solve this problem, in Article 12 of the Family Code (Cases preventing the conclusion of marriage), in addition, to close relatives, children who have a common biological grandfather and (or) grandmother of brothers and (or) sisters, including uncles and it is intended to establish a new norm that does not allow marriage between a brother's (sister's) daughter, as well as an aunt (aunt) and a brother's (sister's) son.

The draft law was put to a vote and adopted in the first reading.