Azerbaijani top diplomat explains issues discussed with Armenia


"During the discussions with Armenia, one of the topics raised by the other side was the issue of the rights of Armenians living in Garabagh, where there were expectations of a special approach. Azerbaijan's approach and proposal in this regard was that the peace treaty regulates Armenia-Azerbaijan interstate relations. The issue of Armenians living in the territory of Azerbaijan is an internal issue of Azerbaijan," Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov told Azerbaijani and Turkish journalists within the Antalya Diplomatic Forum, Paralel.Az's Turkish correspondent reports.

The minister also noted that Azerbaijan's demand was that the illegal armed groups in Garabagh should leave the territory of Azerbaijan:

"Armenia's approach was that Armenia cannot control this situation. We did not accept it. There were enough, so to speak, different approaches and positions. As a result of the 24-hour anti-terrorist measures on September 19-20, you know that the presence of illegal armed groups in the territory of Azerbaijan, the existence of the separatist regime, which has been operating for many years, was terminated, the regime was dissolved. And we witnessed it. In this regard, this topic is not on the negotiating table. This issue is not raised by Armenia either. In this sense, one of the serious factors is the absence of illegal associations and the regime, in a sense, the number of open questions has been significantly reduced," the minister said.