The rural population needs a solution to the problem


While seasonal fruits and vegetables were plentiful, prices did not fall. At the start of the season, the population, who had hoped that the prices of summer goods would fall, lost even more. Now that there are some fall products on the market, you can predict what the prices will be. Comparing prices with last year's, we conclude that the situation in the country is becoming more abnormal. The townspeople who turn to us from the regions say that there is no serious difference between them and the city: “The difference from you is that we live in a village. We also grow tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, eggplants, and so on. we buy at the market-store. Because there is a problem with the irrigation of our land. This year's drought has ruined all of our work. There is no water in the back, or there is no water, or our melons are out of order because the farmers are returning water to their fields. We go to the market for vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers from 1 manat, potatoes are relatively cheap, but in rural areas such prices are not very good. Because few people get paid. How can we buy vegetables and fruits with money if we live in the village at the expense of a pension and a small income ?! Representatives of municipalities and relevant departments should deal with irrigation and land, which is a source of income for the rural population, instead of going door to door and demanding vaccinations.