Armenian archbishop: Unconventional methods and strategies will be used in fight against government


After the Tavush for the Motherland movement is formed, the scale of the movement will expand even further, said the leader of the movement, Armenian archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, Paralel.Az reports citing Armenian media.

    The leader of the opposition forces in Armenia emphasized that unconventional methods and strategies will be used in the struggle. He also called on all socio-political forces to join mass protests, stating: "This is the final call. There will be no excuse for those who do not join the call."

    According to the archbishop, the strategy of street resistance will change. B. Galstanyan did not rule out the involvement of new faces in this movement.

    “The June 12 developments indicate that people in Armenia are completely unprotected. The incumbent government is doing everything it can to maintain its grip on power, remaining a slave to its geopolitical plans,” Galstanyan stated.

    Recall that on June 12, a confrontation between the police and the crowd took place during the protest action of the Tavush for the Motherland movement demanding the resignation of the government in front of the parliament building. As a result, 101 people were injured, including 18 police officers.

    The Investigative Committee of Armenia initiated a criminal case related to the fact.