Turkish commentator: Shusha Declaration is an indicator of Türkiye's determination to protect territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan


The signing of the Shusha Declaration is an indicator of Türkiye's determination to protect the territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan, foreign policy commentator, Dr. Esra Karahindiba told Paralel.Az's Turkiye correspondent.

She stated that Türkiye has always been alongside Azerbaijan throughout its history against Armenia and other threats, openly demonstrating its support for its friendly and brotherly country. In addition, the strong friendly relations between the President of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev further strengthened the strategic cooperation and solidarity of the two countries.

"The next anniversary of this declaration once again confirms Türkiye's unwavering support to Azerbaijan. This alliance stands out as one of the strongest examples among friendly and brotherly countries in the region. The strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey is not only significant for the two countries but also crucial for regional peace and stability. The Shusha Declaration has transformed into a guarantee for regional security and development by deepening military and political cooperation between the two countries. This alliance demonstrates how strong friendship and solidarity can be for other nations as well," she stated.

Esra Karahindiba added that the military security alliance between Azerbaijan and Türkiye within the framework of the Organization of Turkic States' "Turkic World Vision - 2040", could serve as a foundational model for bilateral and multilateral cooperation among other Turkic states: "In this context, the Shusha Declaration plays an important role in the transformation of OTS into a comprehensive security organization. In the future, cooperation among Turkic states in the military and security domains could be developed to ensure the security and stability of all member states by creating a joint defense mechanism against regional and global threats. This view will pave the way for the Turkic world to have a unified and strong security network."