BRICS’ role in global affairs grows rapidly - Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the growing role of the BRICS in global affairs, Paralel.Az reports.

"The sports games under the aegis of our organization are a part of the comprehensive political, economic and humanitarian cooperation," he said in his welcoming speech at the BRICS Games opening ceremony in Kazan. "The BRICS’ role in global affairs grows rapidly."

He stated his certainty that the popularity and attractiveness of the Games as a competition, free from political interference and pressure, which truly unites athletes from all over the world, will also grow.

"Especially considering that this is the first time the Games take place in an open format, which means that the Games will become yet another symbol of the expanding inter-cultural dialogue, a significant contribution to the strengthening of the friendship between nations and a fruitful cooperation between states in the interest of the people and universal development," the Russian leader underscored.