Uzbekistan to host CIS anti-terror exercise in 2024


Uzbekistan will host a joint anti-terror exercise of the Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS) on its territory, Uzbek media reported Thursday, Paralel.Az reports citing Xinhua.

Citing the press service of the CIS Anti-terrorism Center after a meeting held in Moscow on Wednesday, the report said that the delegates noted that anti-terrorism exercises play an important role in assessing the effectiveness of the counter-terrorism system and practicing coordinated joint activities.

The issue of organizing and conducting joint anti-terrorism exercises of competent authorities of CIS member states, named "East-Anti-Terror-2024," this year was discussed during the meeting, and the operational stage of the drill will be held for the first time on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, according to the report.

The parties noted that the key factor influencing the emergence and development of terrorist threats to the CIS states is "the high activity of international terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, the Syrian-Iraqi zone, as well as events in Ukraine and the Middle East," said the report.