The points of applicants by specialties have been announced


In the 3rd group of specialties 14,128 applicants scored more than 200 points, and the number of applicants with more than 150 points is 16,567 people. In 2020, the third group included 15,368 applicants with more than 200 points and 17,964 applicants with more than 150 points. In 2021, 12 853 planned places were allocated for the 3rd group of specialties, of which 4 353 planned places are free planned places. In 2020, 12,286 planned places were allocated, of which 4256 planned places were free. At least 4,000 applicants who meet the conditions of the competition in the 3rd group will not be admitted to universities. Applicants with more than 685 points will be able to receive a presidential scholarship in the 3rd group of specialties. This year, the results of the 2nd group of specialties do not differ significantly from 2020. Although the number of points gaining has decreased, the number of applicants with average points has increased.