The examination is possible without visiting the clinic


The modern world is increasingly looking for more affordable methods.

To a greater extent, this is due to health, to which people pay more attention. Because health is a more important and leading problem for the human factor. In this sense, there is a chance to be examined at critical moments without going to a doctor. Modern apps help patients and healthcare professionals. According to Russian doctors, you can take a photo of the place where discomfort begins due to irritation, itching or skin diseases, and send the photo to the doctor for examination. So, thanks to a special application, you need to take daily photos. The program will process it itself and send it to the doctor. It is also noted that the established algorithm will be able to analyze the photo and even deliver the primary diagnosis.
In this sense, a program has been created in Perm to determine the curvature of the spine from a photo. Follow the simple instructions to take a photo of your back using your smartphone. The program determines the passage of a person's shoulder, shoulder and lumbar lines. Based on these parameters, it calculates the shape of the spine and determines the degree of scoliosis. But researchers are not content with that. They are also looking for information on what exercises the program does to get the spine back to normal.