How to restore hair that has fallen out after an illness?


Zukhra Pavlova, endocrinologist at the Moscow State University clinic, candidate of medical sciences, told how to restore baldness after coronavirus infection.
The expert's opinion was published by RIA Novosti.
The endocrinologist noted that people infected with the pandemic complain of hair loss about a month after the illness.
Pavlova said that during COVID-19, the body experiences severe stress, including metabolic disorders, as a result of which hair begins to fall out.
The endocrinologist believes that proper nutrition and exercise is the best way to nourish and repair weakened hair.
“The preference for eating protein-rich foods, taking vitamins, walking a lot and doing aerobics has a positive effect on hair nutrition,” said the Ph.D.
The expert also added that brushing the hair tightly, tidying it up with a hairdryer and coloring the roots are the reasons that accelerate hair loss.