Ecologist Rauf Sultanov: "All processes on Earth are directly related to the Solar System"


From the first days of August, against the background of abnormally hot weather, the maximum temperature in recent years has been updated.
Compared to August last year, this difference is 5-7, on some days even 10 degrees. Thus, peak temperatures are a problem for many people, especially the older generation. Given that the pandemic continues, it is imperative to wear a medical mask on buses and subways, which makes it difficult for people to breathe.
Wondering how long the hot weather will last? What are the possible consequences of high temperatures?
Professor of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, ecologist Rauf Sultanov said that the reason for such a high temperature in Azerbaijan lies in the natural-geographical and climatic conditions of the country: “It is also influenced by processes in the solar system. this is one of the factors. In general, in July-August in Azerbaijan there is always a high temperature, but this time it was 4-5 degrees higher than in previous years. According to forecasts, this process will last until August 15. Of course, this is a natural process, but people in such weather conditions feel a little uncomfortable. Warmer weather also negatively affects agriculture and crop production as water is a problem. However, all this is temporary. Because in a few weeks rainy weather will come and there will be more water in the rivers. Note that the higher the temperature, the more water evaporates. Winters are usually cold when summers are hot. This means that the more severe the winter, the more agricultural products. It also rains heavily in autumn due to high temperatures. If we take into account the water problem in Azerbaijan, we can see that the heat has a great impact on our country. All processes taking place on Earth are directly related to the solar system. After the heat, rains and cold weather, nature heals.

Elmir Karimli