Ecology Minister: It's aimed to reduce carbon emission in aviation field by 5% by 2030


It's aimed to reduce carbon emission in the aviation field by 5% by 2030, Mukhtar Babayev, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic said at the Global ATM Summit held in Baku, Paralel.Az-Economics reports.

Efforts of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to create an effective global management framework and objectives are crucial for directing the aviation industry towards a net zero future. This includes the objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 5% through increasing the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels worldwide by 2030.

"We are already seeing positive developments in the industry. The continued application of low-carbon solutions, especially the increased use and development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, seems optimistic. These sustainable fuels are an important step forward in reducing aviation's carbon footprint. Additionally, advances in technology and improved operational efficiency further contribute to our sustainability goals," the minister added.