Russia may declare France terrorist state -OPINION


Russia may declare France a terrorist state, Russian political scientist, security expert Yevgeny Mikhailov, said in an interview with Paralel.Az's Moscow correspondent.

According to him, it was no coincidence that the French ambassador was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs these days: "Most likely, he was presented with a note verbale. All this is happening against the background of the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, that France was involved in the terrorist attack in "Crocus". Of course, the main focus here is on France. If Paris is proven to be involved in the Crocus terror, Russia could effectively declare France a terrorist state. Some consider Moscow's accusation of France to be behind terrorism unfounded. Look, the second person in the Security Council cannot say such a thing for nothing, for the sake of words. Most likely, he has already read the reports of the Russian special services on the "Crocus" terror. "Medvedev would never have made such a statement without reading the accounts of the special services."