IDF releases photo of senior Hamas officials killed in Gaza military operation


The Israel Defense Forces has released a photo of a group of senior Hamas officials it claims to have killed in its military operation in Gaza, Paralel.Az reports.

The photo shows 11 men from the Northern Gaza Brigade — the second largest unit in Hamas, according to the IDF, seated around a table, five of which have been circled in red and labeled as "eliminated."

The men indicated to have been killed are:

  • Abu Rakba, head of the Aerial Division
  • Rafat Salman, Aid Battalion commander
  • Ahmed Al-Ghandour, Northern Brigade commander
  • Wael Rajab, deputy Northern Brigade commander
  • Ibrahim Al-Biari, Central Jabaliya Battalion commander

In a statement, the IDF said the fighters were killed in an attack on a Hamas tunnel where they were "hiding under civilian homes and close to the Indonesian hospital."

According to the IDF, Al-Ghandour was "head of the military formation and responsible for the observations in the north of the Gaza Strip."

The brigade was hard hit in the attack, according to the IDF, and its functioning has been significantly compromised due to damage to its command center and infrastructure in the tunnels below Gaza.

The IDF also claims to have killed four battalion commanders in the Gaza Brigade who are not pictured, destroying its battalion headquarters and infrastructure as well as taking control of central Gaza strongholds.