Polish citizen among hostages released Friday, Polish foreign ministry says


A Polish citizen was among the hostages released from Gaza Friday, Poland’s foreign ministry has said, Paralel.Az reports citing CNN.

“We're pleased to receive the news of a truce in Gaza, which allowed for the first group of hostages to be released, including a Polish citizen, and for an increase in humanitarian aid deliveries to the enclave,” the foreign ministry said in a statement Saturday, adding that the move was “a result of ongoing international diplomatic efforts.”

The ministry did not provide any information on who the Polish citizen is, but used the feminine version of the noun for “citizen,” indicating the citizen is female.

“We congratulate all partners involved in reaching of this important step. We hope the truce will be upheld. We emphasise the necessity of freeing all persons taken hostage,” the ministry added.

The ministry went on to say that Poland continues to “strongly argue” for Israel to allow the remaining Polish citizens to leave Gaza.

In total, 24 hostages were released on Friday — mostly Israeli and Thai citizens. A second group is expected to be released Saturday, under the agreement of 50 hostages being freed over the four-day temporary pause in fighting.