Will Biden boycott the Chinese Olympics?


As Paralel.az reports with reference to CNN, US President Joe Biden is expected to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Olympics this week.
According to sources, the Biden administration is expected to announce that U.S. government officials will not participate in the 2022 Olympics.
The National Security Council, which discussed the boycott privately, declined to comment.
Last month, President Seo Biden told reporters that a diplomatic boycott was expected in China to protest human rights violations.
A complete boycott is not expected, which means that American athletes will still be allowed to compete. The last time the United States fully boycotted the 1980 Olympics.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also considering a diplomatic boycott.
Australia may also refuse to send officials. One of the reasons for the boycott is the situation with the Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai. On November 2, Peng Shuai posted on social media that he was being persecuted by the former Deputy Prime Minister of China. Soon he was removed, and the athlete stopped communicating. For a long time there was no information about his whereabouts.
Later, Chinese TV published a letter from Peng Shuai, which denied the accusations and said he was safe.
The Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing from 4 to 20 February 2022.

Akif Nasirli