Armenians consider power to be a tyrant


As reports, Armenian media criticized the government: "Everyone, from Pashinyan to Foreign Minister Mirzoyan, said that the Zangezur Corridor project would never be realized." They assured the Armenian people that this was not even a topic for conversation.
At the Sochi meeting, Vladimir Putin unequivocally supported the project of Turkey and Azerbaijan.
It turns out they are lying to us again. This is evidenced by articles in the Baku press. Reconstruction of the Horadiz-Agband railway, which is of strategic and economic importance for Azerbaijan, has begun within the Zangezur corridor. They add that as a result of the project, direct transport links with Turkey will be established.
Turkey is already assessing the economic benefits of the Nakhchivan corridor - the opening of a transport corridor through Nakhchivan will facilitate the transportation of goods from Turkey not only to Azerbaijan, but also to other countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia.
There are too many signals that the Zangezur Corridor project will be implemented. What will those who have lied to us for a long time do? "