Whose "sixth finger" on the "Beshbarmag" mountain?


From time to time, we have witnessed frequent clashes between clerics and district leaders over control of shrines in the regions.
For example, years ago, a real war broke out between the religious leader of the shrine and the heads of the district administration over the vows collected at the shrine of the Holy Prophet Jargiz in Beylagan, and it probably continues today. Sometimes this struggle, one of the confrontational swearing, went to a hand-to-hand fight with a penny.
I can't say about the mosques in Baku, but the district leaders in the regions share the income from mosques and holy places. These shrines are places where you can easily earn money without much effort. To be honest, I do not know in detail how this issue is regulated by law. I just think that donations collected for mosques and shrines should be transferred to the account of the Caucasian Muslims Office, and from there, after the salaries of those who receive salaries from the office should be paid to help those in need. Akhunds are probably paid, but so far I have not heard of any loud help from the CMB.
The Khidirz Baba Shrine is also a place where big money circulates. Located in the area known as Mount Beshbarmag, this sacred place is visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Of course, such an effortless source of income could not fail to attract the attention of executives and officials, whose income is shrinking. Apparently, he has already done so. Thus, the beggars, who have been earning money here for years, were removed from the area of ​​contact with the visitors and neutralized, and a uniformed guard was placed next to the votive box. Apparently, the shrine is under the control of the district administration.
This is evidenced by the excavations on the road to the shrine. Archaeologists claim that some archeological excavations are underway, but locals say the government is preparing to seize the shrine. In other words, in the coming months, Mount Beshbarmag, including the area where Khidirz's grandfather's shrine is located, will be declared a reserve, and, of course, access to the area will be paid.
The greed that is sharper than the sword of Murtuzali is that they have a tax not only from the shrines and temples, but also from God Himself if they can afford it.