British Foreign Secretary Cameron urges Israel 'not to escalate' in Middle East


British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has said Saturday night's strikes on Israel were a "double defeat" for Iran after "almost a total failure", Paralel.Az reports citing Sky News.

Asked how he would fix the situation in the Middle East, Lord Cameron tells Sky News: "I don't think there's any easy way of doing this, and the first thing to reflect on is the massive scale of the attack Iran attempted on Israel."

"This was very significant, so of course if you're sitting in Israel this morning you're thinking quite rightly 'We have every right to respond to this'.

"And they do.

"But we are urging that they shouldn't escalate.

"In many ways this has been a double defeat for Iran. The attack was almost a total failure, and they've revealed to the world that they are the malign influence in the region prepared to do this.

"Our hope is there won't be a retaliatory response, and instead the world's focus should shift to Hamas.

"They still hold those hostages."