Global poverty and climate change concern humanity - Co-chair of Nizami Ganjavi International Center


“Conflicts in different parts of the world differ from each other for their nature,” said Ismail Serageldin, co-chair of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center to journalists within the framework of XI Baku Global Forum, Paralel.Az reports.

He said that it’s important to focus on two nuances for resolving the war in Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the armed conflicts on the African continent.

“First, we need an order-based and effective multilateralism. For example, a large majority in the UN General Assembly opposes Russia's war against Ukraine and demands an end to this war, but Russia says it will continue this war, or the UN General Assembly demands a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes regarding Gaza but the Netanyahu government says, "No, I will continue this war.” Thus, if we want to eliminate these problems and fix the fragmented world, then we cannot allow these."
Ismayil Serageldin noted that some countries have solved these problems by themselves and set Azerbaijan as an example.

“Azerbaijan is also one of such countries, and at the same time, it is perhaps the only country that has successfully solved the problem. Azerbaijan had the Garabagh problem, but it has already been resolved. Armenia already recognizes Garabagh as a part of Azerbaijan which is a very important step and negotiations are already ongoing on a formal peace agreement and the solution of the remaining minor issues.”

The co-chair of the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation recalled that certain countries supported Armenia for a long time and tried to give advice to Azerbaijan on how to deal with the Armenian-origin residents of Garabagh.

“The Azerbaijani President openly stated that if the Armenian-origin residents of Garabagh want to leave, it is their choice, if they want to stay, they will benefit from all the rights that benefit all citizens of Azerbaijan. The conflict has already been resolved and Armenia has no claim to Garabagh, this is a decisive change.”
He also talked about global problems that concern humanity.

“The first is global poverty, which we must work together to solve, and the other is our relationship with nature, the environment and climate change. We should live in harmony with nature."