Armenia should not become a "trade tool" in hands of dishonest Western politicians, Russian MFA says


Armenia should not become the "trade tool" in the hands of dishonest Western politicians, said Maria Zakharova, the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation during today’s briefing she held, Paralel.Az’s Moscow correspondent reports.

According to her, sometimes, they also involved Ukraine in the Western networks, they promised great prospects, but they deceived Ukraine.

“I would not want this to happen to Armenia. Armenia has crossed its most difficult historical path. This nation deserves to live in peace and they should not become an object of trade in the hands of dishonest Western politicians.”

Zakharova added that the West continues to look for new victims and this new victim may be Armenia, which the West will tempt and deceive.

“Unfortunately, several of Armenia’s political figures do not think that Armenia has become a tool of Western geopolitics and Western entertainment.

We have numerous examples of how the collective West has used countries for its conjunctural purposes and then left them to their fate before our eyes. The European Union is unequivocally no longer a reliable partner for anyone. Those who execute America’s order have gathered in this union. In this alliance, they see Armenia as an exit point to the region. This is also understandable,” the MFA spokesperson stressed.