Tram and metrobus public transport will be created in Baku


Tram and metrobus types of public transport will be created in Baku, it is reflected in the Master Plan for the Development of the City of Baku until 2040, Paralel.Az reports.

It was noted that the existing metro system will continue to play a leading role in a high-capacity public transport system. However, the high costs of subway construction and late construction work necessitate the introduction of additional public transport systems not only in suburban areas, but also within the city.

The most promising alternative in terms of costs and implementation time is the reconstruction of the railway network and its expansion within the city. Currently, the city has a large number of unused railway reinforced lanes and unused freight lines. Said infrastructure can be reactivated and used more efficiently. When implementing a tram-electric train system, the capabilities of the existing and reconstructed railway infrastructure, as well as the possibility of expanding the high-speed tram transport (STN) infrastructure, can be used.

Efficient functioning of the public transport system (cost-effective, high-performance, fast, convenient, reliable, accurate, with wide coverage, etc.)), including to meet growing demand, reducing the share of individual vehicles is only possible through the integration of metro systems , metrobuses, high-speed railways and tram-electric trains.

However, it is predicted that individual passenger cars will continue to occupy a significant share of the transport system in the future. This will also require reconstruction of the city's road network. Improvement measures in the next stages will include not only road widening, but also efficient use of existing systems.

One of the main elements of the overall transport system is the construction of interaction between subsystems called transport exchange centers or public transport nodes. Public transport nodes/interchange centers are elements that allow the integration of public transport (buses), high-capacity public rapid transit systems (metro, railway, bus, tram system, tram-train system) and/ or the potential for a shift from personal car transport to green.

In addition, major public transport hubs will create conditions for the development of urban planning (building) oriented towards public transport, offering the use of a variety of transport means.