Türkiye neutralises senior PKK terrorists


Turkish security forces have "neutralised" two terrorists in the southeastern province of Mardin, the country's interior minister said, Paralel.Az reports citing TRT World.

Minister Ali Yerlikaya said on Monday that during an operation the security forces tracked the two terrorists who blew themselves up in a vehicle.

Minister Yerlikaya reported, "As our armored vehicles approached the vehicle believed to be carrying terrorists, gunfire erupted from within the vehicle. Subsequently, realising they could not escape, the two terrorists detonated explosives, ending their own lives."

Orhan Elma, codenamed Rodi Hayri, was in the red category of Türkiye's wanted list, Yerlikaya said, adding efforts to identify the second terrorist are ongoing.

The identity of the second terrorist is currently under investigation.

The wanted list is divided into five colour-coded categories, with red as the most wanted, followed by blue, green, orange, and grey.

It was revealed that the incapacitated terrorist, Orhan Elma, had orchestrated four separate attacks, leading to the death of five people, including two security personnel, and injuries to several others.

The Turkish national intelligence agency (MIT) on Monday also "neutralised" PKK/YPG terrorist Bager Ondes responsible for drone operations in Syria