U.S., China to work together at COP28 summit, Kerry says


The United States will work with China to make the United Nations climate negotiations that begin in the United Arab Emirates this week a success, Washington's climate envoy said on Wednesday, Paralel.Az reports citing Reuters.

Cooperation between the U.S. and China, the world's two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, is seen as crucial to securing consensus at the Nov. 30 - Dec. 12 summit, known as COP28.

"We have decided to actually work together to get a successful COP, to get a successful global stocktake," Kerry said of his meeting with his Chinese counterpart this month.

The talks in the UAE, a major oil producer, are a critical opportunity for governments to accelerate action on climate change. However, they remain split over the use of fossil fuels, the burning of which is the main cause of climate change.