Armenian MP: “Protection of the border is the business of the state”


Member of the Armenian Parliament Mkhitar Zakaryan spoke about the current situation in the defeated country: “Where will our army go if our forces leave the Armenian-Azerbaijani border? All possible and impossible conclusions have already been made.
The realities of recent years and the tragic experience do not inspire optimism regarding the process of withdrawing troops from the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. We need to have a dialogue with our neighbors, but right now our position is more like a vassal and adaptive position.
It is tragic to say calmly that our troops retreated to an area of ​​45 square meters. It's like a nightmare, we live in a country where border security becomes a marketplace between the local elders and the population. The protection of the border is the business of the state, and not of strong-willed boys or village elders. We won't succeed with this approach."