The adverse effect of sugar on brain activity


It has been established that sweet drinks have a negative impact on the brain activity of children, reports
A new study in China has found that children who consume one glass (250 milliliters) of a sugar-fortified drink a week are bad for the brain.
Sugary drinks do not refer to sugary drinks, but to carbonated drinks and iced teas. Children who drank a glass of sugary drinks per week scored significantly lower than children who did not drink sugary drinks on tests assessing many brain functions, such as problem solving and memory capacity.
Brain function is impaired in 30 percent of those who drink 1 cup of sugary drinks, brain function is impaired in 60 percent of those who drink 2 glasses.
A child should never consume energy drinks. It contains not only caffeine, but also many stimulants. In the same way, he does not have to drink fruit juice all the time, he can drink juice once a month.