Nine Russian planes have landed in Almaty


As reports, in Almaty, 9 military transport aircraft Il-76 with aviation units and equipment landed in Almaty to participate in the peacekeeping operation. The corresponding video was transmitted to Telegram by RIA Novosti.
The footage shows how Russian paratroopers arrange a caravan at the airport after unloading. They arrived in Kazakhstan with military equipment and are expected to leave shortly to protect critical infrastructure amid ongoing clashes between security officials and protesters.
Earlier, the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Dauren Abayev, denied information about the participation of the CSTO military contingent in the suppression of protests. He urged the peacekeeping mission not to be confused with the use of a collective rapid reaction force and said that foreign troops would perform exceptional security functions.
Protests in Kazakhstan began on Sunday, January 2, in connection with the increase in the price of a liter of gasoline from 60 to 120 tenge per liter. Economic demands were soon replaced by political ones: the resignation of the government, new elections and the lustration of people from the "clan" of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Akif Nasirli