Lukashenko calls on Kazakh protesters: "Kneel down and apologize to the military"


"In order to resolve the misunderstanding, to put it simply, they have to kneel down and apologize to the military. Then it is necessary to sit at the table with the government and Tokayev," President of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenko said, informs citing Pul Pervogo Telegram channel.

"I want to address those protesters on behalf of the people of Belarus. I would just tell them: you made noise, you shouted, it is enough, it is necessary to negotiate," the Belarus president said.

In his opinion, those events were a lesson for Belarus too: "We have realized that this could have happened to us. The point is not that we are peaceful Belarusians. Belarussians would not have solved the problems in Belarus anyway," Lukashenko said.