"The shooting showed that the Karabakh conflict has not completely stabilized"


Speaking at a meeting of the collegium of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the events on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border showed that the situation in the region had not completely stabilized.
He noted that a year ago the Karabakh conflict was stopped thanks to the active mediation efforts of Russia.
“However, some previous clashes have shown that the situation in the region has not completely stabilized. The role of Russian diplomacy is growing to continue efforts to resolve disputes between Azerbaijan and Armenia. "
Putin added that the role of Russian diplomacy is great in restoring economic ties in the South Caucasus and opening transport corridors.
“I think the prospects are good here. All countries in the region, including Russia, are interested in a long-term solution to these problems, ”he said.

Shahnaz Salehgizi