Pashinyan gestures to his political rivals


The Armenian government announced its readiness to inform the parliamentary opposition about the negotiations on the Karabakh settlement in October 2020, reports. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this during the discussion of the government's program in parliament. Responding to the assertions of political rivals that they do not agree to end the Karabakh war on more favorable terms, Pashinyan recalled that those who are now in the parliamentary opposition were invited to a meeting of the National Security Council on his initiative on October 19. However, this agreement was not implemented, because Azerbaijan provided new conditions for its violation in this form as well. We are ready to provide evidence of this to the parliamentary commission to investigate the 44-day war. "
According to Armenian media reports, the opposition accused Pashkin of refusing to end the war on the condition that Shusha remains under the control of the Armenian side. In this case, Pashinyan said, the Azerbaijanis who lived there until 1988 will be returned to Shusha, and there will be no security problems, including the rest of Karabakh.