The rights of a child with autism are violated


The Volgograd prosecutor's office is conducting a control check of a water park in the city of Volzhsk, where a family with a child with autism is not allowed, reports. According to Russian media, parents from Astrakhan spoke about this. It was noted that the representative of the PSC understood their situation, understood his desire to relax with the child, but the sick child was not allowed to enter the water park. Although the parents and the little girl were asked to go to the water park, the eldest son was told to walk down the street. They say that the incident took place against the background of the rules of the park "XXI century", that is, children with disabilities were allowed to cross the road at the age of seven, and also gave them a 50 percent discount. As a result, the prosecutor's office conducted an investigation into the relevant complaint. Social media users have called for a boycott of the water park management for gross violations of children's rights.