President Erdogan: "Do not leave a door that is not knocked, a hand that is not squeezed, a heart that is not entered!"


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was presented with an environmental study with the participation of 5,000 people. The questionnaire asked "which party is most sensitive to the environment?"

It should be noted that it was presented to President Erdogan by Deputy Chairman of the Department of Environment, City and Culture Chigdem Karaaslan at the meeting. The presentation highlighted the results of a survey of thousands of people. According to the presentation on which side is most sensitive to the environment, 38 percent of citizens answered the question of the AK Party, 20 percent answered the CHP. 34% of respondents answered "no" to the same question.

Although President Erdogan received 38 percent of the vote in the AK Party's poll, Kanal instructed Istanbul to explain it to the people very well. He said that after 34 percent of the population answered "no", he told his staff to tell citizens about the situation. In addition, assessments were made of the "environmental bridge" to be built in the Kanal Istanbul project to protect wildlife and prevent accidents caused by wild animals. President Erdogan said not to leave an unbeaten door, an uncompressed hand, an unbroken heart.