Media: Armenia tries to purchase wider range of military products from India


Armenia is expanding its defense procurement strategy, seeking drones and medium-range surface-to-air missiles from India, the Indian Defence Research Wing (IDRW) said, Paralel.Az reports.

According to the reports, Armenia has already acquired the Akash 1S system and is considering the acquisition of Indo-Israeli MR medium-range air defense systems and Akash NG air defense systems.

According to media reports, India has not yet started deliveries of the Akash 1S system, which is expected to begin next year. Akash 1S is a sophisticated system that can shoot down aircraft at a distance of up to 30 km, providing reliable protection against air threats.

In addition, Armenia shows interest in two more counter-orders. The MR-SAM, developed as collaboration between India and Israel and already in production, and the Akash NG, an upgraded version of the Akash, are awaiting orders from the Indian army, which could delay its availability by 2-3 years.

Armenia is reportedly planning to conduct a thorough technical evaluation of the MR-SAM and Akash NG systems after delivery of the Akash 1S to ensure they meet its defense requirements.

Based on all this, a decision will be made between these two systems. According to IDRW sources, MR-SAM appears to be the preferred option due to its immediate availability and already established production line.