Shusha residents celebrate Eid al-Adha in their homeland after 32 years-PHOTO


Sacrifices were made for newly relocated residents of Shusha, Paralel.Az's Karabakh bureau reports.

By the joint organization of the Special Representation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Shusha District, the Food Safety Agency of the State Reserve Department of Shusha city, slaughtered and distributed sacrifices for the residents in the yard of the new residential complex.

Aydin Karimov, special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in Shusha, heads of various bodies operating in Shusha took part in the event. Slaughter and sale of sacrificial animals is carried out under veterinary supervision in a mobile slaughter tent that meets modern requirements installed in the area where the precinct is organized.

At the same time, the mobile laboratory of the Azerbaijan Institute of Food Safety operates in the area.

In addition, the Food Safety Agency, together with the relevant institutions, organized the slaughter and sale of sacrificial animals in the freed-from-occupation Agali and Aghdara villages of Zangilan district and Talish villages of Aghdara district on June 16-17, covering the days of Qurban Eid, and for the first time in Shusha, Fuzuli and Lachin districts.

It should be noted that this year, the sale and slaughter of sacrificial animals were organized at 147 addresses across the country.