Russian government increases customs duties on beer from unfriendly countries


The Russian government has increased customs duty rates for beer from unfriendly countries to 0.1 euro per liter, Paralel.Az reports citing TASS.

The decision was approved by the Cabinet decree, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Industry said.

"The decree also raises rates of customs duties on beer from unfriendly countries. In particular, the duty will grow from 0.04 euro at present to 0.1 euro per liter (10 eurocents). The share of these products in the general consumption structure is not above 5%," the press service noted.

This measure is not a prohibitive one and will make it possible to make competitive conditions equal for Russian producers, the ministry said.

Import duty rates are also increased under the document to 50% for individual goods - ready cocoa-containing products, coats, wallpapers and zippers originating from Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.