Armenian-Russian relations expreience difficult times: Pashinyan


“Armenian-Russian relations are going through a tough period, however, these relations are of special importance for Armenia's statehood, economy and security,” said Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia during his speech at Parliament, Paralel.Az reports.

The Head of Armenian Government noted that Armenian authority have not made any mistakes in relations with Russia and there is no such case where its partners accuse Armenia of not fulfilling its obligations, but there are many cases that indicates its opposite:

“But I want to stress that we do not want to argue with Russia. Not because we don't have the means or power, but because we value the positive aspects in our relationships.”

Nikol Pashinyan said that understanding how and why the change in relations between the two countries happened deeply and conceptually is important.

He added that now a transition is taking place from the relationship between "historical Armenia" and Russia to the relationship between "current Armenia" and Russia:

“This is sometimes as painful as the internal transition taking place in Armenia itself. However, everything must be done to fill this transformation with "positive stories". Armenia is ready for this.”

According to him, in their first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2018, they agreed on mutual respect for sovereignty, statehood and interests. Pashinyan noted that he is ready for such a dialogue.