Armenia has no chance but to live in peace with Azerbaijan - Numan Kurtumush


Armenia has no other chance than to live in peace with Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmuş told journalists after his visit to Azerbaijan, Paralel.Az reports.

Mr. Kurtulmuş said that Azerbaijan wants the normalization of relations with Armenia: "The problem between Armenia and Azerbaijan is not related to Armenians in Armenia, but to the Armenian diaspora in Europe and America and circles that do not want peace in that region. The Karabakh region, which was occupied by Armenians for 30 years, was liberated within 44 days. Nikol Pashinyan's words implying that he will accept it were met with great support, especially by the Armenian diaspora. Armenia has no other chance to live in peace and harmony with Azerbaijan in this region."