France's pro-Armenian position is the reason for deterioration relations with Azerbaijan - Presidential Representative


France cannot digest Azerbaijan’s victory, Azerbaijani Presidential Representative for Special Assignments Elchin Amirbayov said in an interview with Le Monde, which devoted an article to the worsening of French-Azerbaijani relations, Paralel.Az reports.

Unfair, biased pro-Armenian position taken by France on the issue of the Armenian-Azerbaijani confrontation is the reason for the observed deterioration in bilateral relations, he noted.

For a long time now, with its sabotage actions, France, which has been providing Armenia with all kinds of diplomatic, economic, and recently military support, has undermined the prospects for achieving peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, he said.

Attempts to use various international platforms, such as the UN Security Council, the EU, and its institutions to promote openly anti-Azerbaijani initiatives, not only completely undermined France’s already dubious reputation as a possible mediator, but also seriously damaged Baku’s trust in the EU itself, where France has one of the leading roles, he added.

Paris’ supply of lethal weapons to Yerevan destabilizes and undermines security in the South Caucasus region, pushing it towards new military conflicts, a senseless arms race and artificially delaying the prospects for achieving peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Amirbayov emphasized.

It is obvious that France cannot digest the victory of Azerbaijan, which restored historical justice and put an end to the thirty-year illegal Armenian occupation of Karabakh and Azerbaijan’s other districts, Amirbayov concluded.