Palestine Red Crescent Society plans to establish “first organized camp” for displaced people in Khan Younis


The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said it is working with the Egyptian Red Crescent to establish the “first organized camp” for displaced people in Khan Younis, Gaza, where tens of thousands of Palestinians are crowded in makeshift camps,Paralel.Az reports.

The first phase of the new camp will include 300 tents and will accommodate displaced families from “medical, ambulance, and relief teams” at PRCS, the group said. It will also provide water, sanitation services, lunch, nutrition, energy and fuel supplies, PRCS added.

In the final stages, the group aims to expand the camp to 1,000 tents, providing shelter for “hundreds” of displaced families in southern Gaza.

PRCS did not specify when the camp would open. CNN has reached out to the group for details.