Azerbaijan's FM at the meeting of the OSCE talks offactors conditioning ati-terrorist measures


As a result of Azerbaijan's 24-hour anti-terrorist measures in Karabakh, it became clear that Armenia was trying to gain time for revenge, Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said in his speech at the 30th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the OSCE held in Skopje, Paralel.Az reports.

The head of the Foreign Ministry noted that the reason for the impossibility of the peaceful removal of Armenia and its illegal regime from the territories of Azerbaijan was the indifference of the official Iravan, as well as the selective approach of the international mediators to the parties.

"This year, Azerbaijan fully restored sovereignty over its territories. As a result of our 24-hour local anti-terrorist measures, Armenia and its subordinate illegal puppet structure were disarmed, released, and fully withdrawn from Azerbaijan. With this, it became clear that despite the verbal declarations of recognition of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity, Armenia grossly violated its obligations and kept its 10,000-strong armed forces armed with heavy assault weapons in Azerbaijan and tried to gain time for revenge.

No sovereign country could tolerate such an illegal military presence on its land, including Azerbaijan (not shown - ed.). This did not happen peacefully due to the brazen negligence of Armenia and the lack of adequate action by the third parties involved in the mediation. Despite sharing Azerbaijan's concerns, they chose to be selective in their public appeals behind closed doors. This caused Armenia to fall into the illusion of being able to continue its strategy of simulating negotiations by building a new contact line, digging new trenches, planting new mines, and blackmailing Azerbaijan through smear campaigns," said Jeyhun Bayramov.