Applying to Garabagh University to start next year


We consider Garabagh University a higher education institution that has been operating since 1969, Emin Amrullayev, the Minister of Science and Education of Azerbaijan said in briefing held for media, Paralel.Az reports.

“We plan for 800-1000 thousand students to study in Khankandi. Permanent placement of the core teaching and management staff is aimed. Their numbers will be 30-40 people at the primary phase. The visit of the professors and teaching staff based on intensive modules and organizing online teachings are planned. From the next year, admission to I courses will be conducted through the traditional applying process. Admitting II courses for SABAH groups on the basis of competition is also planned.”

The Minister said that also, student admission will be held within the framework of dual degree programs with local universities:

“Those students will be able to get part of their education in Baku or in other regions, and get the rest in Khankandi. Having 4 faculties at the primary stage is planned.”