Azerbaijan sends aid to those injured in the explosion at the gas station in Khankendi-PHOTO-VIDEO-UPDATED


On September 25, 2023, an explosion occurred near a gas station close to the city of Khankendi. According to reports, the incident resulted in a significant number of casualties, with both fatalities and injuries reported, the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan told Paralel.Az.

For this purpose, an emergency medical aid vehicle carrying burn-related medical supplies, dressing materials, gloves, pharmaceuticals (sprays, creams, analgesics, antibiotics, etc.) for the initial treatment of 200 injured individuals has been dispatched via the Aghdam-Asgeran- Khankendi route.



Medical supplies have been dispatched to aid the individuals injured during the explosion at the gas station in Khankendi, Paralel.Az reports.

For this purpose, the central authority of Azerbaijan has dispatched the necessary assistance. An emergency response vehicle from the Ministry of Emergency Situations is en route to the scene.