I relived January 20th


Rovshan Kabirli writes:
My friends who follow me on FB, the main world news of the day - I could not write a single sentence about the bloody tragedy in Kazakhstan. Believe me, on the morning of January 20, when I was a participant and miraculously survived (I am indebted to a young man whose name I did not know, who pushed me over the fence in front of a bullet in the subway on January 20), I literally relived my feelings of defeat and killed in my place. How it all looks like. At that time, Russia, the leading state of the empire, called the USSR, its bearded mercenaries, we, Azerbaijanis, who demanded unarmed justice, and 32 years later, bloody Russia, this time a target, a simple Kazakh people demanding a fair government. , forced to vote.
You probably saw today a video from Kazakhstan, most of the killed young people were shot in the head and heart from a sniper, just like on January 20.
I will not look for answers to questions such as why this tragedy happened in Kazakhstan, whose scenario, etc. I just want to say that the Kazakhs will forever curse Tokayev, who gave the independence of Kazakhstan to Russia in the person of Putin in the bloody massacre, or Nazarbayev, who amassed enough wealth for generations and gave himself the title of Elbashi (actually Kulbashi). However, it was enough for Kazakhstan to prove that the latter, who had done a lot over the past 30 years, deserves to be arrested on this difficult day for the people, at the decisive moment when there is a real threat to the country's sovereignty. ...
It also pains me that among those who shot at Kazakh youth there are Armenian servicemen. This can be considered the peak of Tokayev's insanity.
And those who are relieved to see Russia's step as a guarantor of its future should know that soon after the restoration of stability and the signing of the necessary documents, Moscow will spend both Tokayev and Kalabash on suppressing popular anger, at best under Moscow's control. save him or send him to hell with a planned murder.
For all my worries and experiences, I am with my Kazakh brothers, who today are going through a difficult bloody period of history!
Reject the duet of the occupying Russian army and Moscow satellite Tokayev-Nazarbayev!
Those who trample on the independence of the state and the honor of the people with the feet of Armenian-Russian foreigners deserve hatred and severe punishment.

PS: The photo on the right was taken on January 20 in one of the Kazakhstan morgues on the left.