Deghati: Armenia deliberately destroyed monuments of Azerbaijani culture


"Peace and culture are probably the two most important words we need right now, and we need to find a connection between them and how they can help societies. I've always said that photography can work to build peace," famous French photojournalist Reza Deghati said at the forum at the ADA University, "Peace for the sake of culture".

"When the second Karabakh war began last year, I came here because I was the only witness of the first war, and also witnessed the Khojaly tragedy. For more than 20 years I have been showing the photographs of the war, of what happened during the Karabakh war and in Khojaly to the world," he said.

The photographer added that during the second Karabakh War, he was shocked with the missile attacks that targeted the Azerbaijani civilians.

"Armenia used cluster bombs against the civilians of Azerbaijan," Deghati said, adding that the Armenian side also deliberately destroyed the monuments of Azerbaijani culture in the occupied territories.

"It was a deliberate destruction of culture, the erasure of the memory of the nation. They erased everything that belonged to the Azerbaijani people," the photojournalist said.