In the village of Bina, repair work is underway


As reports, reconstruction work was carried out in the village of Bina, Khazar district of the capital.
In the central part of the village, 2 houses of 16 blocks and 240 apartments with a population of up to 1000 people have been overhauled, the roof has been insulated and reconstructed, new plastic windows have been installed, and a centralized antenna system has been installed.
On Mohammad Fizuli Street with a length of 2.2 km, 17 145 square meters of asphalt were laid, neighboring roads were laid, 2 thousand meters of sidewalks were laid. Three concrete tanks with a total capacity of 450 cubic meters were built to protect against rainwater.
In the equestrian village, a post office and a first-aid post are being built.

A. Nasirli