Dissatisfaction with the vaccine queue


According to Paralel.az, the process of vaccination of the capital's population against coronavirus is underway. However, there are many problems. Citizens who contacted us said that although they registered online, they could not get vaccinated. According to them, a large crowd gathered at the polyclinic # 26 of the Nizami district on Saturday. More than 800 people wanted to be vaccinated: “We entered the online queue and went to the clinic. But there was no one in the queue. The guards told him to assign one of you to line up. This person also wanted to put people in line.
Although most of them wore masks, no one considered the concept of distance. Finally, when it was the turn of the 729th person, the system "collapsed". We were told that those who came for the first dose should leave, and the vaccine would only be given to those who came for the next dose. There was discontent, because on the first day we will again have to take turns to experience this excitement with the participation of hundreds of people. "