Pashinyan expects positive signal from Turkey


Ellada Mammadli: "Pashinyan hopes that Turkey can play a conciliatory role"

Pashinyan said he expects positive signals in Turkey. “We will assess these signals as positive, and we will respond with a positive signal for peace in the region,” he said.
The Azerbaijani society is interested in what the prime minister means by "positive signals". It is clear that in order to achieve peace, security and economic integration in the region, it is important that the six countries (Russia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia) reach a mutual agreement. But what are Pashkina's specific expectations in the current situation?
With this question, we turned to the deputy chairman of the ADR movement, political observer Ellada Mammadling. Mammadli said that in this case, Pashinyan's expectations can be in two directions: “Pashinyan has always maneuvered between Turkey and Azerbaijan to get political dividends. At present, Azerbaijan has closed the Gafan-Basarkechar (Gorus) road. This road is of strategic importance. I don't know how sincere the Prime Minister's statement is, but in my opinion, Pashinyan hopes that Turkey has played a conciliatory role and can help open this path.
On the other hand, Armenia is striving for any political dividends in exchange for the opening of the Zangezur corridor. They know for sure that this corridor will open, but by expanding it, they want to take something away from the Azerbaijani side. At the same time, they want to resist the Armenian lobby. Despite all this, the Zangezur corridor will definitely open, since this is one of the conditions of the November 10 declaration. "

Akif Nasirli