Non-native attitude to family benefits


It is not enough to talk about the underground and surface treasures of our country. One of the endless topics is the attitude of the stepfather, indifference and irresponsibility to these treasures. In this sense, I would like to say about the "Narzan source" located in the village of Slavyanka, Gadabay region. From a source that serves both people living in the area and people from all over the country, it provides them with its healing water without any promises, free of charge and without interruption.

However, in response to this presentation, the attitude towards spring is obvious. The area around the source is completely littered with debris. Although it is used only by people who regularly come there to drink water, they rarely get lost, and vice versa. There is no ban on the part of the management of the Narzan and Bahcheli restaurants located in the area, which constantly use spring water for profit. At the very least, the management of these restaurants can improve the area around the source, clean it of debris and control it. But what's the use ?!
Residents say that although the spring enters the territory of the village of Slavyanka, everyone around, from all over the country, uses its healing, healing water. But nobody cares about the purity of the source. Everyone drinks water from it, and then throws out all the trash. This is an example of "disrespect" not only for the source, but also for nature and its children.
Everyone is obliged to draw conclusions from the situation that we talked about. The owners of the aforementioned restaurants, representatives of the regional executive power, ecology and nature management, villagers, tourists, ordinary people, etc. have absolute responsibility. If we take on this responsibility, all people who benefit from Narzan Spring will see that their environment will not be disgusting, smelly, not rich in dirty waste, but clean and tidy, full of life at the level of their purpose. At present, the participation and responsibility of each of the above people is important so that the spring zone is not the way we see it, but the way we want it to be. If we need this wonderful God's blessing, this healing water, we also need constant control, purity and improvement.