Armenian Realities - Document


“Potemkin told him (Catherine II) that he had summoned Suvorov.
- I will instruct the high priest of Kronstadt to reconcile him with his wife. Then we will have a meeting. Me and Suvorov! Yes, Lazarev and Argutinsky will come again from Armenia. Let's discuss their question. Armenians are smart people. They have already chosen Yerevan as their capital.
- What is the use of a capital when there is no country?
“Not now, but after us,” Potemkin replied.

(The novel by Valentin Pikul "Oinash". Volume 2. Riga. 1985. Page 143) A. Takhirzade's book "Field: 4 years and 4 months" p. 35.

Submitted by: Baba Allahnazarov.